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STM32F103VET6 ARM Cortex-M3

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STM32F103VET6 ARM Cortex-M3
STM32F103VET6 ARM Cortex-M3
1 504,50 грн.
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Development Board resources:

CPU: STMicroelectronics (ST) based on ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit processor chips STM32F103VET6 LQFP100 foot chip with 512KB FLASH, 64KB RAM (on-chip 12Bit A / D, D / A, PWM, CAN, USB , SDIO, FSMC and other resources).32-bit RISC processor performance

32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 architecture optimization

72 MHz operating frequency, 1.25 DMIPS / MHz

Single-cycle multiply and hardware divide

Fast interrupts can be nested, 6 to 12 clock cycles

Set with MPU access rules to protect

A JTAG debug interface (standard 20-pin).

A power LED (red), 4 status LED (bright blue).

1 RS232, supports 3-wire ISP.

1 USB2.0 SLAVE mode interface.

A Micro SD (TF) card socket interface uses SDIO mode.

A 2.8-inch 260,000 color TFT (240X320 (with touch screen) interface, use the MCU FSMC 16-bit interface mode control using touch screen ADS7843 chip with SPI interface.

An SPI bus control M25P16 (16MB capacity) of the serial FLASH. Used to store data / code / character and the phase diagram, etc. can be replaced using SOP8 package into larger capacity of FLASH.

4 function keys.

An RTC with battery back-up battery holder. GPIO port all the leads.


The cd-rom include:

1. LCD1602 LCD GPIO mode routines.
2. ADC analog to digital conversion routine.
3. FSMC Interface 16-bit mode TFT display routines.
4. LED flashing routine.
5. M25P16 serial FLASH literacy routines.
6. RTC real time clock routine.
7. SDIO interface mode on the SD card file system Tini Fatfs0.07C routines.
8. SDIO Interface routines to read and write.
9. SysTick test routines.
10. TIM1 the PWM demo routines.
11. UCOSII2.86DEM system routines.
12. PC-USB port SD card (when using card reader) routine.
13. USB interface to simulate mouse movement routines.
14 resistive touch screen demonstration routines.
15 asynchronous serial communication routines routines.
16. FSMC 16-bit mode ucos2.86, UCGUI3.90A system routines.
17. USB MCU-driven online programming routines


Package list:

1x Development Board
1x 2.8-inch TFT touch screen
1x USB cable
1x RTC clock backup battery
4x Fixed studs / screws

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